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Style Icons Help us celebrate 30 Years!

Shannon Guss over at StyleIcons.com.au helped us celebrate 30 years of the Studio, with an article.

Happy birthday to Headhunters Hair Studio, which is celebrating three decades in the industry as a leading salon in Western Australia.

Headhunters Hair Studio is based in the Perth suburb of Wembley and was founded by renowned stylist Donna Greyson, who has driven it from strength to strength, predicated on a passion for beautiful, healthy and wearable hair created with top-tier services by a highly trained professional team.

“I like to keep things real in my salon,” Donna said. “There is flexibility for all our salon guests and the power of not using the word no. Our motto is if you want it, we will make it happen. No one wants to wait for anything anymore so where possible we will always say yes. Our clients truly appreciate that. Hair is what we wear every day, it’s as we say, if your hair doesn’t look good you don’t feel so great. It is such an important part of our image.”

Donna started the salon in Geraldton when she was 22, eventually moving to Perth in 2003, all under the same salon name, and bolstering the business through local marketing, competition success, brand conferences and networking that saw her learn and grow in the industry.

“I then was lucky enough to buy my own property in 2016 in Wembley. After many months of planning and designing my new premises, we moved there in May 2017. We have never looked back; we have gained so many new clients and managed to retain most of our clients from Subiaco,” she said.

Thirty years of success can also largely be attributed to Donna’s commitment to evolve and develop her team’s skills with ongoing consistent training and education, for both herself and her team, as often facilitated through Goldwell and Intercoiffure.

The team are specialists in colour, colour techniques, cutting techniques for all hair lengths as well as event hair, and continue to grow through the community connection afforded to them by social media in recent times.

“Business development is a never-ending journey, you can’t take your finger off the pulse, and I am always striving to make things more personal, innovative and above all provide the best service experience for every client. My team all know how passionate I am about every detail in my business and respect that. My mission is to always help them to become the best hairstylist they can. I want to get the best out of them everyday and I believe they give it to me.”

Within this long history, the salon has partnered with Goldwell and Kao for its whole run, with the partnership becoming a pivotal facet of the business.

“I’ve been with Goldwell for 30 years. Everyone I have come in to contact with over the years from the CEO to marketing, reps and technicians are nothing but friendly and willing to get to know me and my business,” Donna said. “They have always made me feel included and like a friend, not just a client. The connection I have had with many of the Goldwell team over the years has been so important to my relationship with the company.”

“Kao Salon has been a proud partner of Headhunters Hair Studio for 30 years and it’s a relationship that we’re exceptionally proud of. We look forward to supporting Donna and Headhunters Hair Studio as they continue to evolve to achieve future growth and success,” added Justin Anderson, General Manager Kao Salon Division.

Thriving as it goes into its fourth decade of operation, Headhunters Hair Studio is a testament to education, business acumen and a true focus on client care. Here’s to another thirty years!