It’s no secret that here at HeadHunters Hair Studio, we love a good blonde, because after all blondes do have more fun (We still love you brunettes)! However, with all this fun to be had there needs to be a balance between letting loose and keeping those golden locks in tip top shape. So, we are giving away a few of our secrets to achieving and maintaining beautiful, healthy blonde locks!

1. Olaplex

If you haven’t heard about Olaplex, you are seriously missing out. Olaplex is some pretty impressive stuff! Here at the studio, it is often our go-to product for achieving healthy blonde hair. You may have heard of Olaplex from the Kardashians who swear by this product when they went from dark to light. How Olaplex works is it helps to lighten the hair without damaging it on the way and works to reconnect broken bonds in the hair shaft making hair less likely to be damaged during the lightening process.

So, if you’re looking to lighten your locks without the fear of damaging your hair, ask us about our olaplex treatments. You even get the added benefit of having a take home version to keep your blonde locks looking salon fresh.

2. Toners

A serious necessity for anyone not wanting brassy blonde hair! Not only will our hairstylists add a toner when they colour your hair, but we also have a range of fab products in the studio that you can take home to use in between your appointments to keep your blonde hair toned and beautiful.

3. Minimise Heat Styling

We always recommend this to our clients, no matter what hair colour, however especially for someone who has just gone blonde from previously having dark hair. Blonde hair can be more stressed than regular coloured hair due to bleaching processes. In turn it leads to the hair being more likely to suffer from breakages and damages.

In order to reduce this and to keep your hair strong, we recommend minimizing your use of hairdryers and straighteners. If you’ve been to us, your style shouldn’t need much attention. By reducing your heat styling to only 2-3 sessions per week, you’ll be saving your hair a whole lot of stress and helping maintain its lush condition. Another great way to protect your hair from the heat is investing in a really good heat production product. We recommend Damage Manager by Kevin.Murphy.

4. Get Dirty

Did you know that over washing your hair could cause damage? Washing your hair too often strips hair of natural oils and moisturisers that are needed for naturally healthy hair. So, our advice – get dirty! Stop washing your hair so often and try to only give it a really good clean twice a week. For all those in-between washing, use some dry shampoo to freshen up your hair and keep it looking gorgeous.

5. Deep Moisturising Treatments

If you do one thing, do this! Invest in a deep moisturising product that you can use in between appointments. By applying a treatment to your blonde locks once a week you’ll be able to replenish the hair and leave it feeling silky smooth. Our go-to product at HeadHunters is the Kevin Murphy take home treatments to keep our hair looking healthy and soft, because who doesn’t want lush looking hair?

Of course, these aren’t all our secrets because after all, we can’t give away our best secret for achieving blonde hair. I can tell you that it does have something to do with our awesome team of stylists. So, call (08) 9380 6665 to book your appointment and achieve those gorgeous blonde locks that we all love.