The thought of dramatically changing your hairstyle can be unnerving for many people, but can also be a life changing decision that could give you a new lease on life. A new hairstyle can really transform the way you look and feel and at HeadHunters Hair Studio, we love nothing more than seeing our clients looking and feeling confident.

Along with any new change, there are questions you ask yourself and sometimes doubt if you’re making the right decision. Will the new style look good? Will it suit your facial features? What happens if you don’t like the new look?

Here’s how to determine if it is time for you to make an appointment with our team at HeadHunters.

You’ve been sporting the same hairstyle for a couple of decades now

Many of us are guilty of making this style mistake. We got our hair cut in the style that was trending a decade ago and because we like the way it looks, we stay loyal to the style through the years.

When it comes to style no-nos, this one is a biggie. Any hairstyle, no matter how good it looked when you first got it, begins to look outdated eventually. Take a good hard look in a mirror. If you’re bored by your own reflection, it may be time to shake things up a bit, step out of your comfort zone and get a trendier cut. If you’re unsure of what style to go for, speak to our experienced stylists about some suggestions and trending styles.

You are always ‘on the go’ and don’t have time to fuss over your hair

If you find yourself constantly throwing your hair in a ponytail or bun just to get through the day, a more liberating and low-maintenance style could be just what you need. Getting a short cut can truly simplify your getting-ready routine in the morning and it would look fantastic all day long without needing to be combed or sprayed or generally messed with.

You’re in luck! Bobs are in this year and they are low maintenance too. With a straight or wavy bob, you will free up some time precious time in your daily schedule while still being en vogue. Isn’t that so much better than wearing your hair tied up in a bun simply because you do not have time to set your style before leaving home?

Your split ends are starting to give you an undesirably shaggy look

Split ends can make your hair look jaded, tired and shaggy and really doesn’t add length to your hair. Getting a chop will get rid of the split ends and make your hair look and feel healthier.

A great cut can have a truly dramatic effect and make you feel powerful. It brightens and highlights your face, lifts your spirits and frames your smile just right. If you read through this and thought, ‘yeah, I do that,’ to most of these then we think it’s time for the chop!

Call us on (08) 9380 6665 to book your appointment and look forward to gorgeous looking hair that’s far from boring.