A changing of the seasons brings about a sense of restlessness. Whether it’s a change in temperature or the leaves turning a different shade of orange, it makes many of us think ‘I’m in need of a change’. This feeling is completely normal and as they say, a change is as good as a holiday. Even our team at HeadHunters Hair Studio get restless and that’s why we love to change our hairstyle.

New hair is one of the best and easiest options when it comes to making a change, you look and feel totally different, which really helps you shake things up. We know you don’t need much convincing, but these five reasons from our team why new hair will transform your life are so true…

  1. Embrace the changing seasons with new hair

Does winter make you miss the sun? Does it make you feel like summer escaped without any warning? Have you been feeling like you’ve made no progress during that time? A new style and colour could be the way to go. These choices whether subtle or dramatic allow for us to see ourselves in a new light and can get us back on the positive path.

  1. Its liberating

New hair has the ability to free us. By making the decision to change something so personal, yet so on display to everyone else it allows for a sense of liberation to occur. Feeling tired with your long heavy hair? Chop it. Get that lob you’ve always wanted and feel the weight lifted off your shoulders. Same goes for colour, have you been brunette since you were 12? Change it up and find out if blondes have more fun. Whatever option you choose you’ll be left with that liberating feeling.

  1. Creates positive change

New hair can create all kinds of changes in your life, but with the right attitude it will be all positives. We believe that by changing the colour or the style of your hair it allows for us to see ourselves in a new light. This new view can be the push one needs in order to make important decisions and create a better future for us. So why not? Go for it.

Another great part about changing your hair is that it often has a ripple effect on the rest of your life as you notice yourself changing other little things that have been bothering you.

  1. New hair can boost your confidence

New hair will most likely lead to compliments from your friends, colleagues and family. With these compliments come smiles and confidence that you may not have felt with your previous hairstyle. The extra confidence can take you to new exciting places you’d never pictured yourself in before.

  1. New hair, new you

As simple and basic as it sounds new hair equals a new you. So why wouldn’t you want to experience it? Get out of your comfort zone and let an experienced stylist do the rest. It might be the best decision you’ll make all year.

So, if you think it’s time for a change. Give us a call at HeadHunters Hair Studio on (08) 9380 6665 to book your appointment and look forward to gorgeous looking hair that is sure to turn heads.