The New Year brings with it exciting new changes and new trends for the year and hairstyles are always a big part of that change. The outlook for 2016 hair trends is looking good with an exciting mix of styles; from edgy asymmetrical bobs to natural looking waves. Most styles are fun and easy to achieve and there is a style to suit everyone in 2016.

Asymmetrical bob

The Asymmetrical Bob

We saw a lot of shorter hairstyles towards the end of 2015 and it looks like 2016 is going to be a big year for the bob hairstyle, in particular the asymmetrical bob. Unlike the bob of the 90’s, 2016’s version has a softer, more styled feel. Instead of sharp and razor-cut, the edges are smoother and more natural. The asymmetrical bob is ideal for those of you who get bored easily; you can grow out one side and have the other short or just have a slight difference in length. How edgy you want to go is totally up to you!





beyonce-perfect-eyeliner-makeup-topshop-man-opening-mainThe ‘Wob’

Another bob hairstyle has made it into our hair predictions for 2016, the wob! We predict that this is going to be a big style this year. With it’s unusual name, the wob is a 21st century take on the bob, but with much more body and bounce, giving you a more fun and funky look. It’s a low maintenance hairstyle that is easy to achieve and easy to maintain, making it a great choice for those who have little time to spend on their hair in the mornings.

Beyoncé nailed the wob at the end of 2015 and we think a few other celebrities will follow in her footsteps for 2016.




Natural Waves for Long Hair

It’s time to embrace those natural waves that you’ve been killing with straighteners! Natural waves are in for 2016, the most popular style for long haired ladies. With bangs or without, this look is sexy and carefree and we are loving it! We recommend opting for a few layers to really emphasise and give bounce to your hair. The key is to keep your hair healthy with frequent trims to prevent any fly-aways and dead ends getting in the way of your good hair day.





Messy bunsMessy Buns & Pony Tails

For those professional ladies and mums on the go, you will be happy to know up-dos and braids are here to stay for 2016. We saw messy buns and messy pony tails for 2015 and these are trends that will continue through 2016. Incorporate braids into your hairstyles for a more boho look and use your hair to hide any hair ties that may be showing for a more natural look






We saw a slight glimpse of braids in 2015, but braids are set to make a big comeback for 2016. By spring, everyone will be incorporating braids into their style. With so many options, braids are perfect for long or short hairstyles, whether you scatter a few small braids through your hair or opt for larger, messier braids. This is a trend we are loving for 2016!






balayageBalayage is here to stay

By far the most popular trend over the past few years, balayage is here to stay for 2016. Can’t decide between being a fun loving blonde or a sophisticated brunette? This is the hair trend that allows you to be both. Balayage is so versatile and customisable,

Our prediction for 2016 is that balayage will be used for more below-the-shoulder hair that will really emphasise the colour.




purple hairTrending Hair Colours – Purple & Silver

From Lady Gaga to Jessie J, all the style divas are experimenting with different shades of purple. A look at the catwalks and red carpets shows that a touch of purple to your hair is the in look for 2016. Back to the days of the blue and purple rinse from the older ladies, we think we are going to see an influx of purple and blue for the younger generations and we love it.